Sweet Home Alabama Collegiate Ornaments, Green & Gold


Sweet Home Alabama Collegiate Ornaments, Green & Gold


"Sweet Home"

This little wood slice makes the perfect ornament, gift, or package tie-on! 

*This listing is for one ornament. Choose the one you'd like at check out!

-Ornament ranges from 2.5" - 3.25" in diameter and 1/4" to 3/8" in thickness
-Alabama hardwood tree slices, painted with acrylic paint, and written on with oil paint (message will stay on the ornament and not wipe off like chalk)
-Stately Made logo stamped on the back
-Includes a piece of orange and white twine or black and white twine
-Due to the uniqueness of each reclaimed tree we find, each ornament will have its own unique shape and look. No two are exactly alike!
-Listing is for one ornament; choose which color you would like from the drop down menu at checkout!

We take great time and care to reclaim small hardwood trees and branches, saw them into discs, dry them, and drill a hole. Once each tree slice is inspected and meets our quality and size standards, it is then painted, strung, and written on. A lot of time, precision, and care go into each ornament! 

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