Michigan Foodways 8x10 Print

Michigan photo framed.jpg
Michigan photo framed.jpg

Michigan Foodways 8x10 Print


Pasties, fudge, coney dogs, fried perch, ginger ale...is your mouth watering yet?! Celebrate one of Michigan’s and the Midwest's most distinctive cultural marks...its food!

No matter where you call home, food is a sweet (and savory) reminder of the kinship, traditions, and region you share with others. Whether it's grits down South, chowder in the Northeast, or tacos out West, this nation's food culture is as diverse as the landscape and folks that call it home.

Here at Stately Made™, we believe in celebrating the traditions, culture, and history that make up who we are and where we call home in this great nation. Join in our Melting PotLuck collection, where we are highlighting the most iconic and traditional foodways in each state. Behind every dish is a story, a piece of history, and a reminder of home. So, next time you're at your grandma's house for supper or out at your favorite diner, eat, drink, and appreciate the story that goes beyond a few ingredients.

-8x10 print of my original calligraphy
-printed on cotton paper in Montgomery, AL
-Purchased copies are signed on the back

*Frame is not included


Upper Peninsula

-Thimbleberry Jam




-Porketta Sandwich



-Sauna Makkara

-Cinnamon Toast

-Maple Syrup



Lower Peninsula



-Michigan Salad



-Morel Mushrooms


-Cherry Pie

-Ice Cream



-Steak Sandwich

-Cider & Donuts

-Olive Burger

-Wet Burrito

-Ginger Ale

-Double Baked Rye Bread


-Corned Beef

-Coney Dog

-Greek Salad

-Soul Food



-Detroit-style Pizza

-Fried Perch



-Boston Cooler

-Almond Boneless Chicken



-Fish Fry

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